Utstilling: ‘All Watched Over’ av Erik Sæter Jørgensen.


An exhibition of new works by ERIK SÆTER JØRGENSEN
Preview Aug 09. 1900pm. Runs until Sept 7
Reedprojects Gallery, Salvågergate 10, Stavanger Norway.

About the artist

Erik Sæter Jørgensen, born in 1984, is a Norwegian artist who lives and works in Stavanger, Norway and Berlin, Germany. He is self-taught, initially getting his Bachelor’s degree in economics before moving on to editorial and commercial photography. Growing disillusioned with making images for clients he recently quit in order to make art full time.

He works mainly with photography, installation and painting.

Erik Sæter Jørgensen is a young artist living and working in Stavanger Norway who has undoubtedly been influenced by the Street Art and Graffiti he finds around him. It’s been one of Nuart’s unspoken wishes to not only gain acceptance for street art and graffiti in mainstream culture, but to also try and exert an influence in other areas. In particularly on artists, many of whom perceive street art and graffiti as being something beneath them and generally unworthy of engagement. No longer.

The themes of dominance and power in public space are ones that street and graffiti artist have been tackling for years. The theme or dominance and power in virtual space, is perhaps something new. This show tackles both.

Adopting the same strategies of avoidance as the graffiti writers whose footsteps he follows in, Erik Sæter Jørgensen, has created a series of unique street installations. He has carefully selected various tags, throwups and pieces from the city’s leading bomber “REBEL” and lit the pieces with glowsticks (emulating the small brass light fittings found above conservative museum oil paintings). These are then shot in beautiful technicolour, the pieces and tags photographed elevated to new levels , beautiful enough, but which also generate a myriad of questions surrounding what we’re conditioned to accept as art. And by definition, what is NOT “art”. For example, Graffiti.

See additional images here.

See video trailer here.








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